Your event amplified on social networks

The most effective way to amplify an event on social networks

starting from 295 €
Impresora Hashtag para eventos
Print tagged photos automatically from Instagram and Twitter
Our hashtag stations have been carefully designed to fit into any type of event regardless the number of attendees. Each station includes a last-generation tablet, a printer with premium quality and a rock solid casing.
Exitoso evento con impresora hashtag
Evento fallido en redes sociales, sin impresora hashtag

Photo printing is almost immediate: Once the photo is published, takes between 8-10 seconds per copy - extra premium quality.

The tablet incorporates a software designed to manage hashtags, templates, printing, automation, etc.

We are present at all times to assist against any doubt, change ink or paper.

In real time we send all photos to a Facebook gallery or an FTP server.

We offer a thorough analysis of activity on social networks Instagram and Twitter, the hashtag trend and many more relevant details.

Each print includes customer brand and any creativity that fits a size of 10x15 cms.

We have the fotoPAD that allows us to make and print photos directly without posting any social network.

No internet access? we provide our super-speed 4G modem.

Using an accessory connected to a TV or projector screen, all photos are projected in real time.

Our software is able to monitor in real time an Instagram - Twitter hashtag.

We control a shared folder to process the pictures taken by a professional photographer.

It's as easy as 1, 2 and 3

Attendees take photos with their mobile during the event, from anywhere at anytime.
Toma una foto con tu móvil
Add and publish the pictures on Instagram and / or Twitter with the #hashtag assigned to the event.
Añade un hashtag y publica tu foto en Instagram o Twitter
We monitor the #tag in real time - the photo is ready to collect in the hashtag station.
Recoge tu impresión al instante
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