Branded photos and videos on the move

A mobile photobooth to capture and share photos and videos on social networks

Burst GIF
Brand ambassadors
We capture special moments, add the branding and share
If you need to make a branding action in a closed or open space, the photoPAD allows you to capture the special moments by converting them into 100% branded images or videos leave them ready to share instantly.

Properly uniformed personnel carry a photoPAD station in their hands and interact with people while capturing the perfect moment. Immediately add to the photo or GIF video a template that bears the client's brand or any type of creativity. Finally it is shared on social networks, by email or sms.

Exciting brand actions, unique and exclusive experiences... Impressive results!
 GIF photos or 100% branded videos
 Access to a portal with all the photos and videos
 Send emails and instant messages
 100% custom e-mail (html design)
 Green Screen - Immediate Background Replacement
 Survey to collect personal data
 Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
 Custom text when sharing on networks
 Social media analysis (FB, Twitter, Instagram)
 Acceptance treatment of personal data (LOPD)
 Reporte post-evento : shares-impressions
 Customizing photoPAD screens
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