The photo booth rEVOLUTION

Guarantee fun for all event attendees!

Starting from 295 €
Vídeo animación GIF - Eventos corporativos
Toda una experiencia para animar y dinamizar eventos
We create an animated GIF through photographs
The fotoGIF stations are super practical and with an installation time of less than 15 minutes. Through the built-in tablet and a professional LED light ring, the user touches the screen and 4 photographs are made that join to generate an animation in GIF format. Finally, you can share via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Email or get an instant print.

If you are looking for an original photo booth for weddings or events in Madrid, Barcelona or anywhere in Spain or Europe, the fotoGIF is the best interactive experience that goes beyond and far surpasses the typical photo booth. 
The user can share their animation immediately on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, sms, email ...
We created a microsite in real time with all the GIFs. This is 100% customized and allows sharing at any time.
Once the event ends, we provide the list of all the emails and mobile numbers used. We can also collect additional information through a form.
One of our professionals is always available to explain the operation to the users and solve any unforeseen. 
We generate a very complete report of everything that happened in the event. How many gifs have been shared, evolution, etc ...
Each animation, microsite and emails include the client's brand and any creativity.
In case of not having internet connection, we provide a modem with 4G speed.
Once you press "print" we generate a copy that takes between 8-10 seconds and is of extra premium quality.
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