Photos and videos shared with the world

Share moments, analyze and generate databases

The kioskoSOCIAL is an inbound marketing tool for events
From the kioskoSOCIAL* you can select and share videos or pictures coming from the fotoGIF or any connected camera. The user is greeted by a welcome screen and then can proceed to share in social networks.

A whole experience on & off line to collect data and analyze behavior in social networks.

* Renting kioskoSOCIAL requires the fotoGIF service.

From a touch screen the user can instantly share your video, photo or animation on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, SMS and Instagram.

Once the event ends facilitate the listing of all emails, phone numbers and any collected data from social networks used.

All photo and video are available immediately in an online gallery, where you can share or download.

The kioskoSOCIAL is 100% customizable with the customer's brand or any creativity.

Welcome screen and appreciation, monitoring emails, pre-designed to share on social networks, messages microsite ...

Once the event ends we provide a complete report of activity.

Total and list of emails sent, shares of Facebook and Twitter, Prints, scope, etc.

We can activate a follow-up email is automatically sent to 3 days after the event.

Emails like "thanks for coming", "follow us on social networks", "promo codes" or any type of proposed content.

Instant photo printing quality premium collection option name and email before printing.

Before the user uses the social season, a small screen prompts you accept the privacy and personal data.

100% compliance LOPD.
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